Introducing - Peter Brusaschi

Name: Peter Brusaschi
Email: @opals_aus
Address: Box 317. Tweed Heads. NSW, 2485/ Australia

I have been in the opal business here in Australia for the last
30 years. Worked in all aspects of it from mining, cutting,
wholesaling, retailing, exporting. Have displayed in trade shows
from Tokyo to Tucson Arizona. Have just completed the transcript
for a book that one day I’ll get around to publishing. In the
meantime, if anyone wants to know something about the subject, as
I get the time, I would be pleased to send the appropriate quote
from the book. If you want to purchase and opal, I would be happy
to offer the right advice. Keeping in mind that the more I know
about you and your needs, the more able I will be to make the
right suggestions.