Introducing Peter Beckman

Hi fellow Orchidians!

Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself. I have been "lurking"
in the background of Orchid for a while now, and I am so grateful to
have this resource. I realized, maybe I could give something back to
this great community.

I am a 3D jewelry designer living in Bali Indonesia. I am currently
designing for Onyx Jewelry Studio. We are a small production company
servicing Jewelry Designers with 3D and rapidProtyping,
drafting/graphics, all the way down to the nitty gritty of full
fledged maunfacturing.

I started out yeeeeaaaars ago as a goldsmith and slowly but surely
got sucked into that wonderful universe of 3D design. I really miss
sitting down at my bench and playing, but I don’t miss that aching
back. I still haven’t figured out why all the smiths here can work
for 12 hours a day and not even get fazed, and still only need 5
hours of sleep. I know, it sounds like slavery…but we all do it
and most of the time we have a lot of fun. I am really lucky to be
on such a great team.

Recently, I have become our in-house Photographer. After years of
shooting jewelry…and hundreds of thousands of lousy photo’s. I
feel like I am just beginning to see the light (pun intended). I can
tell you one thing I believe…99.9% of everything you read on the
internet for lighting jewelry is only for the novice and will get
you frustrated–if you really want your jewelry to shine. But I am
sure there are a lot of you who already know that the secrets of the
pro’s usually don’t get posted on the internet. That is why I love
this forum, there are no secrets…just so much generosity. Maybe
Photographers, by nature, are more mysterious.

So, Thank you all for being here, and blessings to all.

Peter Beckman