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Introducing - Pam Chott

Name: Pam Chott
email: @Pam_Chott
Address: 2753 E. Broadway S101-156 Mesa, AZ 85104

Season’s greetings to all, especially Dr. Aspler whose
generosity and dedication make this forum possible. Thank you.

I design and fabricate jewelry in silver and gold using natural
stones (very few faceted.) Most of my smithing education (last 6
yr) consists of a semester at Arizona State University and
various workshops with metals artists. Twenty years ago, I began
a hobby of lapidary and silversmithing as member of a midwest gem
and mineral club. A few years ago, I left professional nursing
(with help and support of husband Joe) to pursue a new jewelry

Was subscribed (to digest) last year and was too involved to
join in. After a few months away, I’ve re-subscribed to Orchid
and hope to be more involved.