Introducing - Mollie Stauss Arnette

Name: Mollie Stauss Arnette
Email: @marnette
Address: Brevard, NC

Hi ya’ll. I am basically a “newcomer” to metalsmithing. I had 6
wonderful months of training on the Oregon Coast learning the
basics.I recently moved from Pensacola FL,(where I lived for many
moons) and have landed in the beautiful mountains of western
North Carolina.

So far I work only with silver and cabs,(one of a kind type
jewelry pieces) but someday hope to incorporate other metals. My
ego tells me I should already be taking the world by storm,(HAHA)
but the reality is…I’ve got lots to learn and lots of
technique improvement is certainly in order.

I look forward to meeting ya’ll and have already learned lots by
reviewing what has already been posted.