Introducing - Mia Botz

Name: Mia Botz
Email: @OperaMia
Address: Southern California

Hi everyone. I am resubscribing after a long hiatus. I’m a
single mom with three children, 1 cat, 1 dog and 1 hamster. I
have a Masters Degree in Art and teach art and design classes to
children and adults. I have limited experience with traditional
jewelry-making, preferring to work with “cold” methods. I sell
my work through local galleries and would love to have my own web
page, but haven’t found an economical way to do that, yet. I
work in fiber as well; textile design, papermaking, and book
arts. I love to write so the latter gives me a chance to
enclose my words with my metal and fiber designs… the ultimate
"ego hug." I have missed the list and look forward to 'catching’
up. Besides, I need teaching advice and can’t think of a better
forum anywhere for getting it than Orchid.