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Introducing - Martin Rosenblum

Name: Martin Rosenblum
Email: @martdoc
Address: 6110 SE Georgetown Pl.
Hobe Sound Fl. 33455

Hi, my name is Marty Rosenblum, a studio jeweler newly arrived in
Hobe Sound Fl. who after 50 years of retail slavery can finally settle
down and do some serious art work and not worry about paying the bills
next month. Sound familiar to anyone? I’ve converted my garage into an
insulated air conditioned shop and have a collection of tools saved over
the years with which I hope to continue this beautiful art. I am 66 years
old married to a wonderful and talented actress Joan Wolfberg and we share
a wonderful life complete with 9 grandchildren, who show remarkable
dexterity when handling my tools! I have had some success in exhibiting my
work in various galleries and wish to continue adding to my style using
the knowledge I hope to gain that your subscribers so generously offer. I
would feel free to contribute in any small way that I can. I have worked
primarily in high carat gold and platinum but for some compelling reason
copper, brass and iron are becoming increasingly attractive. I am also
interested in learning about glass, enameling and granulation.(Just to
name a few!)