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Introducing - Mark Lloyd

Name: Mark Lloyd
Email: @freeserve.mark
Address: Lloyds Goldsmiths
8 Upper Church Street
TS24 7ET

I have just discovered this site 1st feb. 99 hello to whoever
reads this. I am a goldsmith operating with 12 years experience
in most aspects of jewellery repair specialising in stone setting.
I would enjoy swapping in techniques with any other
setters around the world if you have the time. thank you.

Hello Mark–welcome to Orchid. Seems like no matter one’s
experience/specialty, etc., there’s always someone on this Forum
who can help solve problems for the less experienced among us
(including me!). Hope you enjoy it: it is a world-wide forum
and the experience available to tap into is fantastic. Sharon
Holt aka @bootsie