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Introducing - Mariano Hernan Barreiro

Mariano Hernan Barreiro
Genral Pacheco, Buenos Aires.

It was born in in 1977 in Rio III, Cordoba - Argentina. Jeweler.
From the age of 13 being apprentice of its father (Jorge Alberto
Barreiro) who formed with the greatest silversmiths of the country.
He study at the School of Jewelry and Contemporary Art, taking
classes among others with professor Norma Romero (Educational of the
Raggio Schools.) Course 4 years of the of Electrical Engineering
at the National Technological University, getting to be assistant of
chair of Mathematical Analysis I and II, also dictated classes in
technical schools. From 1999 it is dedicated to work full Time next
to his father, finding his passion in the artisan jewel design.