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Introducing - Margret Karner

Margret Karner
New York, NY. USA


After experimenting and studying different techniques in Florence,
Italy and in London, UK, i finally moved to New York in 2001 to
continue what i love doing most: jewelry. I design and hand-finish
mainly silver rings, pendants and buckles that are strong and
sensuous, organic and grafic for both men and women. I model my
prototypes out of wax; since i’m always eager to improve and
perfection my skills, i enrolled at the Fred de Vos Wax Modelling
Workshops. Rocio Heredia introduced me to your site and i’m
absolutley thrilled to see what a great network you have. I am very
interested in joining your list to get in touch with other artists
that work in my field. I am very much looking forward in hearing from
you soon,

Kind regards,
Margret Karner