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Introducing - Margaret R Schindel

Margaret R Schindel
Polished & Put-Together
Chestnut Hill, MA. USA

I launched Polished & Put-Together, my jewelry and accessory design
business, in 1998 while working for as a successful Internet
strategist, published writer and marketing consultant. My clients
have included AOL, IBM, MasterCard, GM, Nestle and The Children’s
Trust Fund. I was awarded a Top Ten Finalist spot in QVC’s 2002
Emerging Designer Award competition.

Every piece I design is one-of-a-kind, a time-consuming but
creatively satisfying approach. I especially love creating custom
designs that reflect the personal style and preferences of the
client or intended recipient.

I love to create unexpected combinations of colors, textures and
rhythms in my designs. I’ll often re-design the same piece a dozen
times until it’s “right”. When it is, I feel it intuitively. My
favorite materials are vintage glass beads, vintage Swarovski
crystals, one-of-a-kind lampwork and fused glass, especially those
including dichroic glass, and semiprecious stones and beads. These
materials are rare or one-of-a-kind, like my jewelry designs.

I design my jewelry with the hope that its new owner will treasure
it as a unique, collectible item of wearable art.