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Introducing - M. Louise Halleron

Name: M. Louise Halleron
Weeze’s Designs
Horse Cave, Kentucky. USA

My name is Louise, but I go by Weeze. I have always been into
crafting in one form or another. I have enjoyed sewing, costume
making, quilting, cross-stich, painting, and beading for clothing
embellishment. I have always worked an industrial job so I was
never allowed to wear much jewelry and so I had not taken much of an
interest in it for years. Sometimes what you cannot have…becomes
a passion. After being laid off from work at 54, I was looking for
something I could do from home, to enjoy, express myself and maybe
make a little support money as well.

I am only a beginner and my skills need a great deal of improvement,
but I am enjoying every minute of learning each day I work with the
meager supplies that I have purchased. I will readily admit that I am
floundering around right now, but I am trainable. I am hoping to take
some classes to really get the basics down. I really enjoy the time
spent at my bench working.

I love the name of this forum. I have grown orchids several times
over the years and they are such delicate and beautiful things. I
look forward to reading the posts from the many members here and
growing my skills. It is so wonderful to be even a tiny piece of
something like this. Thanks to all that contribute, I look forward to
reading and studying your contributions.