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Introducing - Lynn Schrameyer

Name: Lynn Schrameyer
Email: @SchramGallery
Address: Schrameyer Gallery P.O.Box 36 Woodruff, Wisconsin 54568-0036

I have a small working studio/ gallery where I specialize in
coloured stones and hot glass work . I am located in Northern
Wisconsin in an area which primarily gains its income from the
tourist industry.

Hi Lynn

A big welcome to Orchid. Your studio sounds wonderful. I’d sure
like to see some of your work. Any chance you could upload some?

         Jeffrey Everett

Handmade 18K, 22K, and platinum gemstone fine jewelry.
Diamond setting, rubber/metal molds, casting, lapidary
Die and mold engraving, plastic patterns for casting.
Cad jewelry design, cad/cam milling scroll filigree…
P O Box 2057 Fairfield IA 52556 515-469-6250