Introducing - Lori Bronder

Lori Bronder
Loriann Hampton Design
Lincoln, NE. USA

I do custom made jewelry for the last five years, working with silver
and some gold. I experiment with a broad range of techniques from
reticulation to kum-boo. I enjoy creating pieces for people and then
they go on to be hits, as what is happening now, and am in the
process of getting some castings done.

Lori Bronder
Loriann Hampton Designs
Lincoln, NE. USA

I have been hand fabricating jewelry for about 5 years, mostly
sterling silver, but am getting into 14K white and gold. In my hand
fabrication, I love making unusual rings, pendants, and earrings.
Most of my designs are on the cutting edge and very contemporary. I
love playing with reticulation as you never know what you will get
and then it become “one of a kind”, which my clients like! I also
love to acid etch, use and mix various patina’s and play with mokume

I have just recently learned to carve in wax and can see alot of
possiblities in that especially in rings that can be very
dimensional. I am always seeking to learn new stuff, I guess I have
not SETTLED on a style for me and that is what my customers
appreciate. Because I am a one person shop, my designs are getting
in more demand so I am starting to work with some casters to ease on
some of the more simpler areas.

To me making jewelry is not work, but an expression of myself and I
really love it!