Introducing - Linda Theroff

Name: Linda Theroff
Email: @linda
Address: San Jose California

Hi doing this introduction again. Studied in HS with Harriet
Drisinger&David Ritter. 77-80 SIU Brent Kington and Richard Mawdsley,80-81
EIU Garret Deruiter. Apprentiship with Eve Allfie 83 Evanston IL, worked
for Martha Richter. Focused on enameling pins, construction, casting, some
forming. 80 Pennalnd NC classes with Jamie Bennet 90 Fibula class Phil
Fike. Worked in Chicago with Barry at an art center, enjoyed a Latifian
jewelry class. Was secretary and VP and involved in AIM, Chicago Artists in
Metals, enjoyed Susan Kingsley forming workshop and other workshops the
group created. I taught a bead class continuing Adult education. I taught
elementary art in Waukegan IL for 3 years and Jnior High Art in IL and
Colorado for a couple years and High School jewelry for a semester in
Colorado. I was also an elementary teacher for 4th grade. Some art fairs, a
couple galleries. My work now is using titanium grinding, drawing and heat
treating, riveting brass seahorses, fish…sculpy, bead work with titanium,
silver, and water color paintings, taking lots of pictures of my daughter.
Made my wedding rings. I love doing stained glass windows and seeing art
shows. I have made Japaneese Temari Balls and completed a Kusudama, 60 2x2
inch folded origami squares, making 12 flowers glued into a ball. I have
been interested in glass bead work. Wanted to follow through with stone
setting trainning, and attending Hay Stack and Oregon School for classes.
Hoping to go see an enameling show in Richmond CA this month. Now at home
mom with 2 year old and a new baby due in April. I create paintings and
jewelry for an art fair in the Spring at my Mom’s Unitarian Church in IL. My
husband is a 5th degree associate Kung FU master and has a martial arts
school in San Jose, and is focsing on photography and is a director of
systems in San Jose. I appreciate connecting with artists and
jewelers and learning new things. Thank You Linda Theroff