Introducing - Leon Hornstein

Name: Leon Hornstein
Email: @lhornstein1
Address: 3 Pomona West apt.2 Baltimore.Md. 21208

I have been a hobbyist for about twenty five years working with
lapidary,silver smithing and enameling.My main interest for the
past few years been making fil- gree.I have throughly researched
the subject and am still looking. I recently wrote and self
published a book about making and combing filigree and enamel.
This book was recently mentioned on you r site. As you can see
interest in being in your group is to gain added imfo. about
filigree and possibly to help other people.

Welcome Leon: Don’t be so modest; you forgot to mention your
goldsmithing, your lapidary, etc., etc. You have a lot of
knowledge to share with this group and I am sure you will still
continue to discover things that will delight and amaze you from
the people participating in Orchid. Glad you finally got

Iris Stuecklen