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Introducing - Kim Nelson

Name: Kim Nelson
Email: @knelson
Address: Lafayette Louisiana

I am a jewelry designer. I have studied at the jewelry arts
institute, Cecelia Bauer’s studio and the Fashion Institute of
Technology in New York. I graduated from FIT, and worked for a
number of years in the industry in NYC. I currently work as a
designer for Stuller Settings here in Lafayette.

Dear Kim,

I saw your introduction on Orchid. Glad you have joined our
group. I am familiar with Stuller(I live in Austin, TX). What
do you design at Stuller? Do you do any work with new heads or
mountings? If so, I want to talk with you about the feasibility
of designing a new mounting for some stones I carry. You can see
samples at my website: I carry the star
cut sapphires and jewelers love them(especially Texans!) but
they don’t know how to set them. I need heads for these stones.
Yet, I’m a colored stone dealer not a bench jeweler. Can you or
Stuller help me out?

Thanks, Pam @PamWelborn