Introducing - Kim Diane Fox

Kim Diane Fox
Kim Fox Jewelry Design
Carlsbad, CA. USA

I have spent the last two years immersing myself in education in the
jewelry industry so that I can complete my transition from business
owner, educator and systems analyst in the computer industry to
jewelry designer.

Luckily, I have been able to use my knowledge of computers to work
in Computer Aided Design and to design my website.

My creativity and knowledge base have been greatly increased by a
series of wonderful instructors in Arizona, at the Gemological
Institute of American and Revere Jewelry Academy.

I was lucky enough to win first runner up in the South Sea Pearl
Consortium design competition this year. This summer I will be out
of school and looking for employment in the jewelry industry where I
hope that I can use the skills from my former career combined with
those from my recent training to do something wonderful.