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Introducing - Kim & Dennis Morris

Name: Kim & Dennis Morris
Email: @kmorris
Address: 620 Park Ave. #218 Rocheste, NY 14607

Hi, Dennis is a jewelry designer and does custom and repair work
for severial local jewelry stores here in Rochester. I deal in
antiques and do shows and co-ops. I sell linens, vintage
clothing as well as estate and victorian jewelry. We just
started this year doing our first ever gem show and would like to
find out more about doing other shows in the New York Eastern sea
board area. Dennis has been a goldsmith for about 10 years now
and was a fine arts graduate of RIT. We are always looking for
new in the gem and jewelry trade and welcome the
chance to participate in a group such as yours. We hope to have
a web page up and running in the near furture. I guess that
about covers it. thanks for your time. Kim Lowney-Morris