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Introducing - Kelvin Mok

Name: Kelvin Mok
Email: @klmok
Address: 997 Knottwood Road South Edmonton, Alberta CANADA T6K 3X4

I have been a hobbyist of over 40 years who likes to make things
out of wood, plastics and metals including working models. My own
field of work is in electronics. One particular skill I would like
to acquire is casting and finishing techniques for fine detailed
objects and looking up web resources led me to your group.

In particular one of your members "MidLife Crisis Enterprises"
says it all and I love his humor.

I already have a very well equipped workshop with professional
tools used in carpentry, electronics and some metal working
equipment. Metal casting and finishing seems a natural progression
into the more exotic aspects of my hobbies and maybe even a home

I shall be glad to provide more personal if so