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Introducing - Kelly Rae Ramby

Name: Kelly Rae Ramby
Email: @kramby
Address: 1584 Hindenburg Dr. Fayetteville, Ohio 45118

Hi, I’m Kelly.
My father started teaching me jewelry repair at age 15. At 18, I helped
him demonstrate re-tipping and ring sizing for a hydro-torch company at a
international jewelry show. For 7 years I did a lot of repairs and played
around with designing when possible. For the next 7 years I left the
jewelry business and entered a completely different field. Now, I’ve
started my own home based business where I’m focusing on designing jewelry
and learning more techniques. I’ve gone back to what makes me happy;
working with precious metals! I haven’t put any energy into selling yet,
but that’s coming…I find it hard to price my work, but the more I
struggle with bills, the more I let go of my idea that: time vested in a
piece = price. I’m looking forward to meeting more people with the same
interests I have and getting involved with the discussions.