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Introducing - Kelly Michalske

Kelly Michalske
KM Designs
Wauwatosa, WI. USA

Kelly Michalske is a glass beadmaker and jewelry designer whose
original focus in metals shifted to incorporate the myriad of colors
and textures that glass now contributes to her work. She has now
been making lampworked beads since 2001, although beads of various
media had been a focal point and inspiration for many years. In her
work Kelly tried various methods to incorporate the qualities of
color and light that inspired by her. Suddenly discovering
contemporary handmade glass beads at a wonderful bead bazaar, she
committed herself to exploring the new vocabulary that glass can
bring to metal. Kelly then decided to set up her own lampworking
studio, and now works there making beads and finished jewelry.
Education is a continuous pursuit; workshops help to fill the need
for further study.