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Introducing - Kathryn St.Amant

Name: Kathryn St.Amant
Email: @gold-privateer
Address: PO Box 10263 Marina del Rey, CA 90295

I have been a professional jeweler for 20 years, specializing in
custom hand made jewelry.My company for 15 of those years is
Treasure Beach Co. I am an expert wax carver and fabricator. All
work is done by myself and my in house jewelers. My line consists
of over 450 nautical designs, plus we do one of a kind collector
pieces. Some of the fun things that happen around here are
setting genuine Spanish reales from the wrecks of the 1715 Fleet
and for treasure hunter Mel Fisher,finder of the Atocha. Also
Olympic Medal winners trust us with their medals, to reproduce
them for their tours. I lecture to local and national model
building groups about master patterns and rubber mold making,
both silicone and vulcanized. Teaching them some techniques that
we jewelers know and work great to make their models better, such
as casting in low melting temperature metals directly in the
molds and using wax to cast higher temperature metals. Basically
I am just having fun in all kinds of metals, using all kinds of