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Introducing - Kathryn Arbon


Name: Kathryn Arbon
Address: 23 Eastbrook Close Park Gate Southampton Hampshire England


I am a young jeweller who is just about to set up my first work
shop , all to myself ,doing just what I want for the first time
in three years! No more hideous rope chain repairs, no more watch
battery changes, bliss!! I am on the look out for any second hand
tools which may need a new home. Apart from the workshop I am
currently doing the Preliminary for the FGA. So, thats a brief
introduction, I look forward to any resposes.


You lucky thing

I run a manufacturing, repair and retail jewellery business in
the South Wales valleys.

My original idea when I became self employed was to design and
manufacture jewellery that I was going to sell to retail shops.

We started manufacturing a range of Welsh jewellery that I
design and make up, a casting company then casts them for me. We
have an agent that sells the range throughout Wales.

I would still like to devote my whole time designing and
manufacturing. Perhaps in the future.

I am still young (32) so there is still plenty of time.

I am curently studying for the National Association of
Goldsmiths Retail Gemstone course. I feel that this course will
break me in slowly so the FGA won`t be such a shock.

Good luck


PS If you do get offers for secondhand equipment and you don`t
want any of it, could you let me know?