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Introducing - Kathleen Smith

Name: Kathleen Smith
Email: KatTW@AOL.COM
Address: 310 Wahl St. Crosby, TX 77532

Hello to All,

My husband TW & I, Kathleen, have been working together to open a
small,yet significant,shop to retail quality fashion jewelry &
other unique items from around the world.

I have a great passion for family,children,people,
jewelry,travel,and the fine things in life.

Our goal is to give me a creative outlet, make
new friends, travel some, and yes, make some money
to finance these passions.

I have spent the last 27 years raising a family, working
in a career of social work, where I provided services
for the severe, chronic, mentally ill people in the State of

I just think it is MY TURN now to do what I like.
As I said, my husband, TW is not only supportive of
this endeavor,he has become involved and helps me make decisions
on purchasing, as well as the many small details
that go into starting a new business. Not to mention
he has fianancial input into this. SMILE Gentlemen!!!

I invite all wholesaler’s from around the world to
forward catologues, Dealer terms, etc, to my snail
mail address, or E-mail me at KatTW@AOL.Com with

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions… There are so many
of you wonderful Artist in this world. I shall reply
to each individiual, Dealer, or Company that takes
the time to send out thier offerings.