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Introducing - Kathie Strachan

Name: Kathie Strachan
Email: @Kathie_D_Strachan
Address: York, PA

Hi! I’m not really new here–I’ve been lurking for a while :wink: I
switched from digest to regular (?) mail so I can be more
involved–too easy to save the digest till later. I work mainly
with Silver and started my own little business a few years ago.
Nothing like on the job training! I’m looking forward to becoming
more involved with this list. Such good info!


Hi! Kathy

I like your intro. have a look at my site It’s
being upgraded at present so look again later but it will
introduce me to you. Have lots of goods that interest small and
large manufacturers and if you have any questions about opal,
please ask. Just finished the transcript of a book called “opals
for the ordinary bloke” (blokes are guys in Oz) Not publishing it
yet, just emailing excerpts for interested jewelers.(jewellers in

all the best with your little business,