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Introducing - Katherine (kat) Tanaka

I just scrolled back through the archives and noticed that I
managed to skip introducting myself.? With any luck, this should
look identical to the standard introduction…

Name: Katherine (kat) Tanaka
Email: @Kat_Tanaka

I’m a recent grad from GIA’s Graduate Jeweler program in
Carlsbad, having earned my G.G. in Santa Monica.? I’ve just
completed the 7-week wax-carving course, and am starting the
design course on Monday.? I also tutor gemology students on
campus in Carlsbad.

Before GIA, I’d done some freelancing with custom beadwork and
taken a few silversmithing classes at Pierce College in L.A.

Now that I’m no longer blessed with a student bench at GIA, I’m
working hard at setting up my own bench at home, one piece at a

I’m really excited so far by the incredible exchange of
on this list, and am reassured that I am not the only
person “just starting out”.