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Introducing - Karen Olsen-Ramsey

Just how many Karens are on this list, anyway?!

As long as we are doing introductions, I guess that I will add
mine. I am Karen Olsen-Ramsey and I am in Grass Valley, Ca.
(kind of between Lake Tahoe and Sacramento, and in the
foothills). My husband and I have a woodcarving business (mostly
doors and mantels) that he has been involved in for 27 years, I
have been in it only 11. My passion and focus since I was
little was to make beautiful jewels, studied it in college, and
then life sidetracked me until a year or so ago when, with the
support of my family, I broke out of the carving studio and set
up my bench. I am slowly re-learning all those skills and
working on commissions as I go. We have produced some
collaborative wood/gold pieces, too. I’ll identify myself as, so all will know who THIS Karen is. (I
am formerly from the Chicago area, and also knew alot of Karens
as I grew up. Regional popularity? Who knows! Here we all