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Joseph P. Stachura Co., Inc.

Serving jewelry artists and manufacturers worldwide since 1955.

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Joseph P. Stachura Co., Inc. 

I noticed Stachura is a new advertiser here. For the past 10 years,
they’ve been my go-to people when my local gem dealer doesn’t have
what I’m looking for. They have a huge selection (as I saw on stops
there driving to vacations in Maine), from nice quality gems to beads
and pearls, and then some. And the people are the best: friendly and
very helpful. Of course, the usual disclaimers. no gems exchanged
hands for this endorsement (dang it).

Cindy Crounse
Refined Designs Original Fine Jewelry

Hi all,

Joseph P. Stachura Co., Inc. 

I have to say this is the best group of people I’ve had the pleasure
of doing business with. The staff and owners are just amazing with
their knowledge and assistance. I have been to their store in MA,
three times and it’s the highlight of my VFCJ Convention weekend. I
never seem to have the time to see everything, which is a shame,
because they have the most amazing pearls and it would
take me days to be able to see all that I wanted to see.

They are very helpful on orders, and things arrive on time and
packaged securely. My goal is to be able to spend an entire
afternoon there just looking at the pearls and stones without having
to race off to another appointment.


Joseph P. Stachura Co., Inc.

Stachura’s is my favorite for reasonably-priced small gemmy cabs;
moonstone, garnet, jade, onyx, carnelian…and many more, in 3mm to
8mm round. That’s what I get, but they have more sizes & shapes. I
also get gemstone bed strands from them. They are extremely nice to
work with. (no affiliation)