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Introducing - Jorge A Duran

Jorge A Duran
Albuquerque, NM. USA

first of all Yes im only few blocks away from rio grande supply

I always been a fan of your web and i belive you been a
big part of my every day life at work from the i get
form you all has help a grate deal. I work for a jewelry production
company here in albuquerque, and been production supervisor for less
than 5 years. my production manager and the design supervisor had
just put me in the design department thats like everything to me !
even when i have tons of learning to do is nice to know you are here
for someone like me who is not knew in jewelry but in the making of
a design from the ground up we sure are not to mention cast …i
work on handmade jewelr at home and its so much easy than making a
master out of cast but i have to get use to it and make the best of
it any how i just like to thank you for giving me a chance to learn
more and like to thank my production maneger and Ron design
supervisor for a chance not to many of us in the jewelry production
come by often. I also know i need to make it happen nothing is for
sure in this world to all of you im knew im not a pro in any way

thank you
Jorge Duran