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Introducing - Joe Bloyd

Hello one and all,

This is a newbie introductory note, so skip it right now if you’re
not in the mood.

I am in Southwest Washington state where we finally have some
pouring rain to settle the summer dust!

About 25 years ago I spent four years as a blacksmith in upper New
York state, near Woodstock (Where else.) The business was called
Stone Circle Forge and my products were sold through craft shows and
word of mouth.

One wierd thing leading to another I landed in the corporate world
(Data/telecommunications sales.) for nearly 17 years…my how time
does move along!

Two years ago I left that world and returned to metal…jewelry that
is and have been re experiencing the physical, mental and emotional
pleasure I knew during the blacksmithing years. Although gold,
silver, gems, etc. are a LOT cooler and more satisfying,intriguing
and stimulating at this stage in my life.

I discovered Orchid about six months ago and send my THANKS to you
all for the practical and inspirational postings. Not only has my
jewelry/metalsmithing work improved but my knowledge base in these
areas has greatly expanded by this dynamic resource.

Resulting in what you might wonder (Or might not.)?? Confidence
that’s what! It is pretty cool to know that when I screw up/become
puzzled/hit a roadblock/have a “what if” moment etc. that there is a
place I can go to ask for and receive help/illumination. So thanks,
thanks and thanks again for taking the time to share your talent and

Two last things: 1) The length of this “intro note” will NOT be
typical of future posts. Most will be much longer as I am extremely
verbose! (HOOOOO, HAAAA!) (Sorry, it’s just the way I am. To say
such things that is. I actually am pretty abbreviated.)

2)Does anyone know of any used VIC 12 vacuum casters for sale? If so
perhaps you would contact me off line with the particulars.

Joe Bloyd @joe_bloyd Battle Ground, Washington …Where the
battle was NEVER fought but someone thought it was a good name