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Introducing - Joan A. Tatum

Name: Joan A. Tatum
Email: @jatodd
Address: Permanent mailing address PO Box 5 Prescott, WA 99348

Hello, I am glad to be back on Orchid. I had to unsubscribe while
we moved from Omaha NE. to Ft Worth Tx. for my husband’s job.
Mostly I will be lurking since I am a life long student in search
of knowledge. In college I hand built ceramics and ceramic
sculpture. After a class in bronze casting I decided I wanted to
work in metals. After graduation I spent two years getting a degree
in welding. My husband is a computer consultant and we work
contract jobs in the US and I am the book-keeper/office manager. I
bring my tools and in each locale that we live in I learn a little
more. I am interested in about local classes pertaining
to jewelry making (all methods of construction), lapidary,
especially hand carving of material. I have garnered much
beneficial from Orchid and I glad it exists as a
useful forum for shared knowledge. signed JAT in hot and smokey
Ft.Worth TX