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Introducing - Jim Fagan

Name: Jim Fagan
Email: @omf50
Address: 109 S. 17th Ave Lake worth Fl. 33460

I am a Bladesmith and I am looking for more skill and knowledge.
I am hoping that this web site will help in my continuing

Name: Jim Fagan
Email: @omf50

Hi folks I am back. I am a knife maker and was on your net for a
while. After taking some time off for health reasons I am back.
The I recieved on this net has helped the over all
look of my more exspencive knives. I am looking forward to more

Good to be back


Jim - Good to see your voice returning to full strength. Last
time we corresponded i sent you some tsuba literature from the
north american japanese sword collectors society. did you ever
recieve it? Kim.