Introducing - Jennifer M Steffan

Name: Jennifer M Steffan
Email: @kcgw
Address: PO Box 1388
Lanai City, HI 96763

Aloha from Lanai. I’m looking forward to all of you
professional’s expert advise and suggestions. I’m a beginner.
I’m interested in taking jewelery fabrication classes or
workshops. Are there any offered in the State of Hawaii?

Hi Jennifer, There are some basic jewelry classes offered
through the Honolulu Academy of Arts Education program.
Unfortunately, they usually meet one day a week for three hours
over a fourteen week period. You might also contact Hawaii
Craftsmen. They sponsor workshops with four guest artists every
year. I believe a metals person comes in every other year. Two
years ago it was Chuck Evans and this year it was Komelia Okim of
keum boo fame. Contact Hawaii Craftsmen at P.O Box 22145,
Honolulu, HI 96823 or (808)946-2903 or voice mail (808) 596-8128.

Donna on Oahu