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Introducing - Jennifer Lynn Sulkin

Jennifer Lynn Sulkin
Eden Originals
Coplay, PA. USA

I am a jewelry artist who has just recently gotten utterly sick of
the 9-5 thing. In April of this year, I said, to heck with it, I’m
pursuing my art full time. I had previously been talking myself out
of it, producing custom pieces for friends and family when the need
arose, but otherwise, not marketing my art. Now I’m trying to do
this for a living and it’s damn near killing me. HOW EXACTLY DOES
ONE MAKE A LIVING ON ART? Please, if you have the magic secret, tell
me. Everyone says my work is beautiful, but noone buys it. How the
heck do you get patrons and clients? Please, someone who’s been at
this longer, do share. I need to know.

About me? I’m 25, married, my husband is my webdesigner, so thats a
good deal. hehe. I’m an artist, actress, singer, songwriter,
guitarist, and pianist. An all around artsy girl. I’ve been
freelancing in graphic design and photography as well recently to
make ends meet.

I like cooking, film, music, and relaxing whenever I actually can.