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Introducing - Jennifer Cavanaugh

Name: Jennifer Cavanaugh
Email: @anemone
Address: P.O. Box 403 Menchester, Vt. 05254

I’m pleased to have stumbled upon this unique forum. My name is
Jenifer Cavanaugh. I work in a very diversified fine crafts
store in Vermont- where I also make and sell my own products.
I’m twenty years old, with a lifetime of experiences waiting to
occur. Jewelry-making is my main interest. My company name is
"Bead Tree Jewelry." Among a myriad of interests, I also take
pride in making table top fountains, hairstix, eyeglass holders,
scarves, etc. Since I’ve always held an interest in art, my
far-fetched creations tend to progress on a daily basis. I never
considered making gifty crafts for a living until I started
working at The Porter House of Fine Crafts. Now my mind is
constantly flowing with ideas as to what project to pursue next.

Hi Jennifer, Congratulations on finding your bliss so young. I
have been a silver and goldsmith since highschool and in business
since 1979, I can’t imagine doing anything else. The joy that
comes from making pretties and the customer reactions to them are
the best part for me. Keep up the inspirations… Janine in
Redding Ca.

Welcome Jennifer: Have you ever just stopped right in the middle
of a project and drawn a picture of the idea you just had or
written down a thought for something to try next. The one you
don’t draw might be the one that leads to the one. I wish I had
started sooner.

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA