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Introducing - Jenifer Astbury

Name: Jenifer Astbury
Address: r. Joao Moura , 975 ap. 192 Sao Paulo Sao Paulo 05412-002 BRAZIL
Email: @jenifer

I’m very pleased to see that jewerly are so development in internet ,
here in Brazil we don’t have too much about jewrly generly.
I’m a student of design , and i want to do my specification on jewrly
design . I study how to make jewerly about 3 years and now I’m surching
for a job in these area, doesn’t matter if is in other city or country ,
I really want to learn a lot about jewrly. Here we have a lot of mineral
and stone resorces , so we can work where our mind can go ! I want to
contact people of the same area to exchange , and who knows ,
some drawings, some brazilian design.