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Introducing - Jan


Hello everyone,

I’m so excited to have found this list. A friend of mine after high
school got a job at the local PD as a meter maid. Several years
later she called me. She was living in Arizona. When I asked her
what she was doing now, she said she made jewelry. I want to do
that, I thought but didn’t know where to go for instruction. I have
been working at my present job for the past 20+ years and to make a
living making jewelry is a huge desire in my heart.

I’m inexperienced so I may have a bunch of questions after a period
of lurking and I hope my questions won’t offend anyone because of
their simplicity. Sometime in the future maybe I too can contribute

I have been reading through some of the archives the last couple of
nights and am so impressed with the wealth of and the
skills existing in this group of artists.

I live in Portland, Oregon. Anyone on the list from Portland, or
nearby? I am going to a lapidary workshop tonight where experienced
operators walk you through the machines, hands on, and how to use.
This is through a club in the Portland area that sets up its equipment
in a middle school. Next month they are starting some jewelry
classes and I plan on going to those as well.

I’m so excited to begin, but don’t even know where to start. So many
of the posts I’ve read seem to be a different language, and I guess
that would be the language of jewelry crafting which I hope to soon
start learning.

Hope I haven’t bored you to tears.



welcome, Jan! The people in this list are incredibly kind and
patient with students and new folks to the field. There is a school
listed in your area in Metalsmith, Lapidary Journal, and occasionally
Ornament magazines. Meantime, have fun with the lapidary. Lots of
the local gem and mineral societies also have great teachers and
members. You sound as though you are on the right track!


Welcome Jan, Sounds like you are off to a good start here at orchid.
The archives are an often overlooked resources by all of us. No
questions are stupid if you don’t know the answers. We all were
uninformed at one time and had to learn from somewhere. Frank