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Introducing - Jamie A Burton

Jamie A Burton
Ft Mill, SC. USA

Hi! My name is Jamie Burton and I live in South Carolina. I am a
recent graduate of Winthrop University Fine Arts Dept. As far as my
work… Silver is what I typically work in, although I have worked
with a number of other metals and media. The piece that is dearest
to my heart is my husband’s wedding band. I am just now setting up
my bench. I am going to build the bench myself so that I can have
the features that I want and tailor the size to my needs. I train
dogs to support my habit and am otherwise occupied by my lovely
husband and daughter. Feel free to contact me about jewelry and

Jamie -

I am right next door in Rock Hill. I’m spending most of my time in
glasswork these days but am also trying to get my metalworking space
a little more organized so I can take on some more complex projects.
Please feel free to contact me off list at cghipp at cetlink dot net.

Courtney Graham Hipp
cgHipp Jewelry Designs