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Introducing - Irene Ausley-vanEepoel


Name: Irene Ausley-vanEepoel
Email: @ImMeNo1Ls
Address: Tropical By Design
1009 Tropical Drive
Bradenton, FL 34208

I am a one-of-a-kind jewelry designer/fabricator. Most of my
neckpieces are based on a simple design I originated when
starting to design jewelry just over 3 years ago. It must be a
good design because it is being copied - other jewelers must feel
that so simple a concept is ‘free’, but it isn’t; ‘velcro’ is
also simple, but try stealing that concept! Working out of a home
studio in a small Florida west town means working in a vacuum;
fine art & museum shows are a necessity to increase a client base
& keep up with what women want to wear as their personal
statements. This April, at the 37th Delray Affair in south
Florida, out of over 600 exhibitors (my first time there), my
work was awarded a second in the 3-Dimensional fine art catagory
(all works other than paintings, etc.)- the red ribbon was great,
but the $500.00 check was beautiful! Most of my work is in silver
& I now cut my own cabochons, tongues, bullets, etc.