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Introducing - Hratch Babikian


Name: Hratch Babikian
Email: @hratchbabikian
Address: 54147
Philadelphia, PA. 19105

I run a singular Artist studio in Phila. contemporary jewelry
,tableware,and sculptures are what I design and make.

I have become very interested in CAD lately and am having trouble
finding info.on which direction I should head and what or which
type of software I should go with. I have heard of jewel CAD;
where do I go to find more about it ? and what about all the
rest of the software out there? I saw DIEHL GRAPHSOFT mini cad in
action …it was good,but not made for the jewelry there
a program out there that can handle large and small
(rings,ladles) projects…?


Hratch, Try Rhino’s CAD program. You can download a free trial
(50 uses) version and the manual from their website at You also might want to look at the work
being done by the Tyler grad students at Please note that the
Tyler program is right there in Phila. at Temple Univ.

Hank Paynter
Brook Hollow Studio