Introducing - Hilary Finck

Hilary Finck
Bridgeport, CT. USA


I’m Hilary Finck. I’m a metalsmith and teacher living in Bridgeport
CT. I’ve been making jewelry for seven years now and I have an
opportunity to try something new–enameled plates. A woman contacted
me recently looking for help with some plate ideas she has. Some of
her designs are complex and she would like each one to have the same
title around the edges I told her that decals would probably work
best, from what I’ve heard. I’ve never used them and I don’t know
how to obtain them. Is this something I can design on the computer
and print out? I’ve been searching the web and the best example I can
find of decals on jewelry is Kathleen Browne’s work. I would love to
get in contact with her if possible or I would appreciate it if
anyone who knows about this sort of thing could contact me back with
info. thanks so much,