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Introducing - Heather Rene'

Name: Heather Rene’
Email: @intrica

Hello everyone,

I am a custom designer just getting my business established in
the Portland, Oregon area. My work is extremely varied,
including baroque and renaissance type pieces that often contain
hundreds of carats of faceted jewels, to modern and contemporary
work in platinum and high karat gold. Most of my pieces would
well be deemed investment or heirloom oriented. I don’t mess
around ;} I have been both privately educated through a European
Master Jeweler and self taught, as so has my partner Jeff. We
do mainly privately commissioned work as well as much time spent
creating gallery and exhibition works. One difference that sets
us apart from the norm, (aside from our work ) is our ages,
20 and 22 respectively. Driven to say the least. I look forward
to interaction in the forum, and meeting you all via email.