Introducing - Hap Sakwa

Name: Hap Sakwa
Email: @hap
Address: Hap Sakwa Photography
403 Taft St.
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Hello orchidians,

Nice to find out about you. I understand there have been a few
inquiries about my photography serices posted here. If I can
answer any questions regarding fees, style, history, client
references, etc., please call 707-823-5787 or drop me a line at
the email address listed here. Thanks for the opportunity. Hap

Hello Hap,

Nice to see you joining the Orchid crowd. In case anybody needs
verfication, Hap does an absolutely first class job on photos,
at a reasonable rate. And although Sebastopol, California may
seem like it is off the edge of the continent, it is just a day
away by UPS, Fedex or the Postal Service.

I’ve known Hap for at least 10 years, probably a lot longer, and
used his service myself with fine results. And although he does
not mention it, he is a very accomplished artist/craftsman with
years of experience exhibiting his own work at ACC fairs. I
think that his personal experience with juries is the basis for
his expertise in photographing other people’s work. Is that how
it happened Hap?

At any rate, welcome aboard and I hope that you enjoy the stuff
we metalbangers mull over.

Alan Revere
Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts
San Francisco

Dear Alan,

Thanks so much for your warm welcome to orchid. I hope to
contribute to this forum and the community (of artists) at large
by sharing practical and aesthetic about
photography, photographers, juried competitions and marketing.
Having spent twenty-five years in the trenches, exhibiting at
all levels from the street to the museum, gives me a unique
perspective on how to serve the art community as photographer, as
you correctly pointed out. A photographer should be an artists
most valued assistant and marketing tool. The image of an
object informs a client, gallery owner, publisher or museum
curator; it is an image that is projected for a jury or published
in a periodical or book. The value of these images in promoting
an artists career, as you and I both know, is beyond measure.
Possibly here online and in the studio I can be an effective
tool for you and other members of the Orchid crowd. Watch out
though, if I hang out around here too long, some of the buffing
compound might rub off and the next thing you know I’ll be at the
Revere Academy pounding and polishing.

Again, thanks for your kind words and kudos.

Hap Sakwa
Hap Sakwa Photography