Introducing - Gregor Weitzel

Name: Gregor Weitzel
Email: @gregor
Address: 1935 Dry Creek Rd. Suite 206 Campbell, CA 95008

I’ve been doing lapidary for over 20 years and finally decided to
learn to do metal work. I just started Fall 97 and I’m enjoying it
a lot. I have a lot of unusual agates and many colors and kinds of
jade and I also like opals a lot. Hope I get to talk to you.

Name: Gregor Weitzel
Email: @gregor

Hi I’m Gregor Weitzel and have been doing lapidary for 25
years and silversmithing for 2 years. So I probably have some
things to share and definitely have many things to learn.
This is a great site for info - but it sure is hard to wade
through all of it. If anyone has any ideas to help with that,
it would be appreciated.

ps Im going to be in NY, NY next week. any ideas for the best
galleries, shops, studios, whatever to visit would be