Introducing - Graham Farr

Name: Graham Farr
Email: @gmfarr

Hi. My name is Graham Farr from Sydney, Australia. I have been a
trade jeweller/designer for the past 32 years, commencing as an
apprentice and then working in the trade.

In 1977 I commenced as a TAFE (Technical and Further Education
Commission) teacher at the Sydney Institute of Technology. Sydney
Institute is the only college in New South Wales where apprentice
jewellers receive their off the job training component.

For the past ten years I was Head Teacher of Jewellery Trades. I
resigned from this position in February 1999 to persue business
interests. I am currently maintaining an active interest in
teaching by doing some part time teaching. I am keen to see
others achieve.

Over the next few months it is my aim to develop a range of
teaching media for use by apprentices or hobbyists which will
show many of the techniques used by jewellers.

I was advised of the Ganoksin/Orchid group by a colleague, Rex
Merten, who is also a subcriber.

Bye for now.