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Introducing - Georgie Stanford

Name: Georgie Stanford
Email: @ironage
Address: 2400 Gordon Smith Dr.
Mobile, AL 36617

I am a hobbyist with moderate beginner experiance in wax
sculpting, metal art design and primitive silversmithing. It has
taken some years to gain momentum but I am now developing a
portfolio of early-Celtic inspired pendants, buttons et cetera,
another of prehistoric European style statuettes, and another of
bowls, tools and other artifacts.

Of passing interest is that I made steel foundations for Mardis
Gras costume collars for several years. These consisted of 9
gauge wire weldments which were then covered with padding, satin,
lace and beads. They were a real pain but paid for a lot of my
hand tools.

Having read several posts and examined some of the picture
uploads from newsgroup members I am impressed with both your
skill and sense of community.