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Introducing - Frank S. Goss

Name: Frank S. Goss
Email: @frankgo
Address: 373 1/2 west 19th suite c houston, tx. 77008

i have been a jeweler for a little over 22 years. working in
both the retail industry as a repair jeweler for one of the
largest jewelry retailers in the u.s., and as a manufacturer of
custom design. i work mostly in karat gold and plat. though i
have found myself in recent months returning to the use of silver
in some designs. a return to my roots so to speak. i also spent
several years doing repair work on sterling flatware and
holloware, setting diamonds commercially, and making models in
wax and metals. recentally i opened my own studio/gallery in an
attempt to return to making jewelry as an art form instead of a
cash cow. my interests lie in developing new skills with the
nontraditional forms and materials now being explored on the
artistic side of our industry. orchid is the best thing i have
found on the web. wow!