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Introducing - FAZALUR R. QAZI

Email: @fqazi001
Address:4909 SYCAMORE TERR. #6,LA. CA 90042
Qazi Town, Dalazak Road Peshawar, NWFP , Pakistan

Gemstone Mining operation in Pakistan and Distribution team here in
U.S.We primarily deal in wholesale, in Emreld(both swat and
Panjsher) , rubies(Panjsher),
Aquamarine(chatral,Afghani)),Topaz(Katlang mine), Peridot (
Kashmir), Tourmaline etc…have been in bussiness since 1971…our
venture in US has recently being started, our primary distributors
here are GBA Ltd ( N.Y) , Thot Gems( Virginia), in addition we have
some gem loving friends all over US who help us too in marketting
our rough gems.