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Introducing - Fae & Budd Mellichamp

Name: Fae & Budd Mellichamp
Email: @chimera
Address: 1520 Merry Oaks Court
Tallahassee, FL 32303-3661

We are a husband and wife team who began collaborating in glass
and jewelery in 1993. Our business “Chimera Glass Works” has
mainly focused on the lampworked glass beads which we make;
however, recently we have added sterling silver jewelry to our

Currently we are most excited about pieces which combine our
glass with metal. Recently, we have developed a silver bead with
a glass bead inside it.

We both love to learn new techniques. We collect books and
videos on jewelry making and are actively involved with the
Florida Society of Goldsmiths (NW Chapter). For the past five
years, we have not watched television!