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Introducing - Doug Thompson

Name: Doug Thompson
Email: @mtlsmith

Much of my interests in jewelry technology stem from one thing: I
have always wanted a finished peice of artwork to last. And so
for seven years now, I have studied jewelry fabrication, spin and
vacuume casting methods and the design of jewelry. Interests in 2D
and 3D mediums, computer technology foundations and the simple
will to express one’s own work are moving towards numerous
opportunities for myself and many other artists. My new interests
include specialty output and services relative to CAD CAM
milling, stereolithography, casting and fabricating in an
extensive varitey of precious metals. I am a continuing student
to the jewelry trade both as within an apprenticeship and just
having completed an Associates Degree in Jewelry Technology /
Manufacturing from OSU-Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Prior I studied
silversmithing roughly five years at Wichita State University
and Butler County Community College in Kansas. Links have been
made available below to the colleges mentioned. At current, I
am developing a line I plan to explore wholesale opportunities
with, carving away at a list of custom orders, reading up on CAD
CAM operations and designing some hand-carving wax tools. I am
really encouraged that groups like these exist!